Bankers Healthcare Group Reviews

The current healthcare climate has enough challenges, financing doesn't need to be one of them. We work hard to ensure our products and processes effectively serve the financial needs of our customers. That means customer feedback and Bankers Healthcare Group reviews are vital to our success. Surveys are distributed by a third-party vendor to ensure the authenticity of our data. We're proud of the feedback we consistently receive. 

I have done business with BHG since 2012. I have been helped on several occasions by the most professional and courteous staff. Tom Kleinman helped me with this last transaction and he was excellent. I recommend this company to any physician needing financing.

Latasha M.

My BHG experience was extremely positive and uplifting and indeed a relief. The process flowed so smoothly and quickly. Each person I spoke to displayed outstanding customer service skills and handled their role in the process well. I felt comfortable and well informed.

Shenita C.

The folks at Bankers Healthcare Group are courteous, professional and efficient! I was able to secure funding for my healthcare startup within 2 weeks! I recommend this group to any licensed healthcare provider looking to start or expand their practice.

Steve C.

I like the ease and convenience without having to hassle with bankers not familiar with healthcare. My interactions have always been respectful and the representatives are always professional and understanding.

Richard S.

Everyone was very helpful, informative, and pleasant during the entire transition. I felt that they were able to provide all of the information necessary for me to make an informed decision on their product.

Terri B.

Everything went very smoothly. TJ listened very well and helped set me up with the loan that suited my situation very well. The transaction was secure and efficient. Many Thanks!

Andrew T.

The bhg process was very convenient and the staff was very accommodating. Like a small bank experience they worked with underwriting and presented a couple financing solutions. Look forward to working together again in the future!

Gregory W.

I was very satisfied with the service I received during the loan application process. The Bankers Healthcare Group personnel were professional, understanding of my concerns, and very timely in answering my questions/concerns. The entire process was a wonderful experience.

Lori L.

A business opportunity presented itself with a medical office I have worked with for years. The initial investment was $10,000.00 and I was trying to think of ways to come up with the money including taking out some money out of my IRA and investing it. BHG sent me a letter in the mail and I was skeptical at first but than I called and talked to them. They made the process so easy and allowed me a chance to invest in a business.

Shannon M.

It was a fairly smooth process, with great customer service. Always felt like the team was on top of my case & always on top of communication. I am excited to easily fund my growing business with the help of BHG.

Emily C.

I was very hesitant to complete this transaction with BHG, but they persisted and I believe I have a good financial tool to enable me to meet my goal of getting out of the employment rat race on my terms as I approach retirement.

James L.

Its refreshing to deal with an organization that places service and speed first in the application process. At every step they met or exceeded my expectations as to speed and efficiency. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Don M.

Don M.

Everybody i talked to right from the first call i made was very professional! And the ease and speed of the whole process was so amazing and surreal! Also a very good rate!!! The smoothest & best loan i ever took. What makes it more interesting is they're helping you advance your career...You guys are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Iheanacho E.

Overall one fantastic experience with group of individuals meeting my needs in very timely manner. All contacts were highly professional and answered my questions. All were pleasant and expressed enthusiasm in their work. I highly recommend Bankers Healthcare Group to anyone who needs assistance in their financial matters.

Edward H.

They have, by far, the best business and personal credit cards for the health care professional. Approval took minutes and the service was excellent. I would definitely recommend them.

Abbas F.

So easy to work with. When you are a busy provider and cant spend a lot of time away from work this company worked well with my time. My time was very important to them. Would work with them again. Thanks - Tricia S

Tricia S.

Worked with Alex, very professional! understands how important a provider's time is. Experience was quick and seamless!! Karen C.

Karen C.

Bankers Healthcare Group helped me get the financing I needed quickly and affordably. Their customer service representatives were respectful of my time. They backed their words with action and did not let me down in any way. In fact, they blew me away with their additional offers and products that I do not believe could be found anywhere else. Do not pass up an opportunity to work with them!

Carl F.

I have worked with Bankers Healthcare Group now on three different occasions, each time obtaining either a loan, personal or business credit care. Each time was incredibly quick, easy and convenient. They called me at my convenience and did everything for me right over the phone and the transactions usually had a turn around time of 1-3 days. It was an incredibly easy experience and I highly recommend Bankers Healthcare Group for healthcare personnel.

Vicki O.

I was amazed at how easy and fast the whole process took to receive my funds. Everyone involved was professional, courteous, and most importantly, understanding of my situation. I had a sense they really wanted to help me to the best of their ability.

Jimmy L.

Very professional and efficient during the application process and up until the point of receipt of the money. My initial associate Carrie did a great job of explaining everything. I will definitely work with them again.

Larry C.

The whole application process was professionally and efficiently coordinated in a very cordial manner right from the start. Thanks ever so much.

Gabriel K.

I have had an excellent experience with Bankers Healthcare Group. Their staff is very professional, polite and explains everything about the process. All of my questions were answered and the ease of completing the loan over the phone was very convenient due to my busy schedule.

Marva M.

I have used Bankers Healthcare Group in the past and with this transaction as in the past the service was very professional and very efficient. All of the individuals I encountered with this transaction were very professional and simply excellent. I would recommend them to anyone requiring funds of this nature.

Michael S.

Excellent service, very friendly, personable and no extra paperwork needed to complete the loan. I would recommend them to any private practice physicians looking for money to help in his or her's practice!

Lawrence A.

I had a great experience with the entire process. It was short and easy. Essentially a very quick analysis of what I actually need, followed by shortly being presented with a contract to represent it. I was guided every step of the way through emails and signed all documents electronically.

Florentina L.