Scott Jacobson


As a doctor and entrepreneur, financial and professional independence is important to Scott. And, though the challenge of medicine is enjoyable for him, the costs of independent practice – from continuing education to payroll – add up fast.

Leona Westbrook-Chilcott

Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)

With over 33 years of experience as an anesthetist nurse (CRNA), Leona’s skills are in high demand—allowing her the freedom to travel far and wide to help people in need. But, because of this nomadic lifestyle, procuring finances for personal business ventures was challenging.

Micha Merritt

Physical Therapist

Wanting to ensure the health of his patients beyond treatment, Micah decided to open his own physical therapy practice where he’d provide maintenance and preventative care. But while the prospect was exciting, finding funding turned out to be a big hurdle.

A. Koranteng


Korenteng Medical, a neonatal practice in Chicago was doing well, but needed some upgrades. Paperless billing, charting, and a new space were becoming a necessity, as time and money were being lost in the paper – first process. A. Koranteng knew it was time to move the practice into the digital age.

Sabrina Dash


After completing her doctorate, Sabrina realized that corporate retail pharmacy just wasn’t for her. With her passion for helping people as her motivation, she got started on the process of building her own pharmacy from the ground up.