Rebecca McPherson


Dr. Rebecca McPherson of McPherson Optometry knows the importance of a clear vision. Her vision propelled her through optometry school and eventually drove her to acquire her own practice. Purchasing a practice meant she needed a loan. Working with banks was a grueling process; when new expenses arose and Dr. McPherson once again required funding, her bank relationships fell through.

Hilda Koch

Physician Assistant

Hilda has been working the grind of a physician’s assistant for 19 years. While she loves the work, it takes a toll. Hilda was searching for an opportunity that would allow her to spend less time at the office, receive better pay, and be her own boss. When an opportunity arose that fit perfectly into Hilda’s plans, she was able to jump at the possibility with help from BHG.

Larry Brent


While being your own boss has a host of benefits, Larry Brent, owner of Brent Dental Arts also knows the challenges. You can choose your own hours and employees, but you also bear all the financial burdens and hardship. With a growing practice and expanding revenues things were looking up. But slow payments from patients and insurance companies meant some months showed negative cash flow. Larry needed wiggle room to keep growing his practice.

Dr. Steven


When Dr. Steven, a hospitalist in Michigan, started his own practice, he wasn’t prepared for the overwhelming tax complications he would face. Compounding interest, high rates, and penalties kept his payments from making a dent. He was losing focus on his practice and he needed help fast.

Scott Jacobson


As a doctor and entrepreneur, financial and professional independence is important to Scott. And, though the challenge of medicine is enjoyable for him, the costs of independent practice – from continuing education to payroll – add up fast.