A. Koranteng


Koranteng Medical, a neonatal practice in Chicago was doing well, but needed some upgrades. Paperless billing, charting, and a new space were becoming a necessity, as time and money were being lost in the paper – first process. A. Koranteng knew it was time to move the practice into the digital age.


  • Paperless billing and charting software was expensive
  • Legal obligations meant the upgrades were now necessary for the practice
  • Prior dealings with banks left the team frustrated, unhappy, and empty-handed


  • BHG provided loan options up to $500,000
  • Once submitted, the process for approval was seamless and simple
  • BHG clarified every detail of the loan’s structure in a straightforward manner

“Thanks to BHG, the last two years of my medical career have been the most rewarding.”


  • Purchased all of the software upgrades and procured a new office space
  • Helped to more properly allocate human, financial, and medical resources
  • Streamlined operations have made the practice more efficient