Dr. Steven


When Dr. Steven, a hospitalist in Michigan, started his own practice, he wasn’t prepared for the overwhelming tax complications he would face. Compounding interest, high rates, and penalties kept his payments from making a dent. He was losing focus on his practice and he needed help fast.


  • Back taxes were piling up on travel and other business expenses
  • High interest rates created an endless payment cycle
  • Mounting tax bills were causing stress


  • BHG’s knowledge of the healthcare space was reassuring
  • Unlike the banks, BHG was fast, understanding, and willing to negotiate
  • Income fluctuations as a physician weren’t a concern for BHG

“Whenever I’m in need, BHG has been fast to get back to me. I know I can call if I want an update on my current loan status, and their responses are always immediate. All told, BHG helped me get my head above water for the first time in what felt like an eternity.”


  • Dr. Steven was able to ramp up business and generate additional income
  • Restructuring/refinancing was suggested proactively by BHG
  • A BHG credit card helped separate personal and business expenses