Hilda Koch

Physician Assistant

Hilda has been working the grind of a physician’s assistant for 19 years. While she loves the work, it takes a toll. Hilda was searching for an opportunity that would allow her to spend less time at the office, receive better pay, and be her own boss. When an opportunity arose that fit perfectly into Hilda’s plans, she was able to jump at the possibility with help from BHG.


  • Current role was enjoyable, but taxing
  • Capital was needed to acquire business territory and transition to a new role
  • Lack of entrepreneurial education meant the next steps weren’t clear

Why Hilda chose BHG

  • Previous interaction with BHG was extremely positive
  • A personable phone call with BHG made Hilda feel comfortable
  • BHG’s flexibility allowed Hilda to comfortably go through the loan process

“Working with BHG was much closer to what I’d experienced having a personal banker. It made me comfortable, not anxious.”



  • BHG’s capital allowed her to purchase a business territory in installments
  • The financial cushion allowed her to save for the future
  • BHG’s fast turn around meant no hiccups in the planning process


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