Larry Brent


While being your own boss has a host of benefits, Larry Brent, owner of Brent Dental Arts also knows the challenges. You can choose your own hours and employees, but you also bear all the financial burdens and hardship. With a growing practice and expanding revenues things were looking up. But slow payments from patients and insurance companies meant some months showed negative cash flow. Larry needed wiggle room to keep growing his practice.


  • As a business owner, financial burdens rested solely on Larry
  • Patient and insurance payments were slow – sometimes causing negative cash flow
  • $50,000 line of credit from bank was nearly exhausted


  • BHG’s focus on healthcare and understanding of his situation were a welcome surprise
  • Approval process was almost instant and viable loan options were provided
  • Fast response times, from real people, made dealing with BHG a breeze

“BHG has freed me to focus on being a better dentist, a better boss and a better husband and father.”


  • BHG provided $100,000 to help Larry pay off debts
  • With freed up cash flow, Larry no longer has to worry while waiting for delayed payments
  • Office upgrades, training and further expansion of his business are more feasible than ever