Leona Westbrook-Chilcott

Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)

With over 33 years of experience as an anesthetist nurse (CRNA), Leona’s skills are in high demand—allowing her the freedom to travel far and wide to help people in need. But, because of this nomadic lifestyle, procuring finances for personal business ventures was challenging.


  • Banks saw Leona as a risk, focus on her nomadic lifestyle rather than achievements
  • Staying in one location could mean financial stability, but not happiness
  • Purchasing BEMER machines required significant outlay


  • BHG provided a solution which wouldn’t impact Leona’s credit record
  • Once submitted, the process for approval was seamless and speedy
  • BHG sent a representative to confirm all the necessary details in person

BHG made this all possible with utmost courtesy and professionalism. As a busy healthcare practitioner, I appreciate their promptness and expertise.


  • With a loan from BHG, Leona was able to purchase 2 BEMER machines
  • Leona will be able to use one machine immediately on her trip to Kenya
  • BEMER machine availability is a potential source of additional income