Micha Merritt

Physical Therapist

Wanting to ensure the health of his patients beyond treatment, Micah decided to open his own physical therapy practice where he’d provide maintenance and preventative care. But while the prospect was exciting, finding funding turned out to be a big hurdle.


  • Equipment tailored for maintenance therapy was needed
  • Banks were simply not interested in providing funds
  • Months of rejected proposals were weighing on Micah



  • Micah was met with positive conversations on day one, instead of rejections
  • No need to provide excessive, detailed tax information
  • The approval process was fast and easy


“We recently celebrated our one-year anniversary at Renew Health & Physical Therapy, and again, even
after bringing on two more therapists, I’m starting to see a waitlist.”


  • Able to quickly lease space using the funds
  • Remodeled new space and purchased equipment
  • Six months after opening his clinic, Micah had a waiting list of patients

With BHG at Micah’s back, Renew Health & Physical Therapy has become a startling success. Clients are waiting patiently to see Micah and his expert staff. The positivity and encouragement BHG provided has propelled Micah to untold heights of success. The team has a big role to fill, and Micah is excited to keep building.