Michael Guldan


Dr. Michael Guldan ’s practice is seasonal, so he needs to prepare and handle a slowdown during the winter months. Ensuring his business has enough working capital through these times is one of his greatest challenges. Having to shoulder the responsibility of keeping the practice running during ebbs and flows means a strain on finances. Cutting costs wasn’t cutting it, and Dr. Guldan needed to find a new solution.


  • Slowdowns during winter months caused financial strain every year
  • Local banks were more of a headache than a help – they never provided a solution
  • Keeping employees paid through the winter meant a reduction in take-home pay

Why Dr. Guldan chose BHG

  • BHG understands the demands and strains healthcare professionals face
  • BHG was not only willing to negotiate, they were an ally throughout the loan process
  • A business loan from BHG wouldn’t affect his personal credit score

“This financial cushion gives me peace of mind, both professionally and personally. I sleep better at night knowing that I have that financial wiggle room to meet the business needs.”



  • BHG provided capital in less than one week
  • The loan gave Dr. Guldan peace of mind
  • Financial wiggle room helped Dr. Guldan meet business goals


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