Rebecca McPherson


Dr. Rebecca McPherson of McPherson Optometry knows the importance of a clear vision. Her vision propelled her through optometry school and eventually drove her to acquire her own practice. Purchasing a practice meant she needed a loan. Working with banks was a grueling process; when new expenses arose and Dr. McPherson once again required funding, her bank relationships fell through.


  • These are unique difficulties to running an optometry business
  • Private mortgage on the office space had a high interest rate
  • New equipment was needed and debt consolidation was a concern

Why Dr. McPherson chose BHG

  • BHG’s professionalism was a welcome surprise
  • BHG’s loan process was fast and efficient — unlike banks
  • Acquiring a loan through BHG was easy

“BHG was both fast and efficient — something I wasn’t used to after dealing with banks.”



  • Taxes/business expenses were paid, avoiding high interest rates of penalties
  • Consistent payments history meant BHG was willing to refinance the bank loan at a lower interest rate
  • Building improvements and new equipment ensured future growth


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