Sabrina Dash


After completing her doctorate, Sabrina realized that while she still had a passion for pharmaceuticals, she didn’t want to be part of the corporate, retail sector. At her core, Sabrina always wanted to help people, thanks in large part by the complications she saw her grandfather, a diabetic, had to deal with. Getting her own pharmacy started, though, was a different problem entirely.


  • Funding was extremely difficult to attain, as most lenders are inflexible
  • Pharmaceuticals are both inventory and collateral, meaning most lenders are wary
  • Even more money than expected was required to get started


  • Colleagues consistently recommended BHG
  • Simple, easy application process
  • Excellent customer service team
  • Flexible options and packages

“I’ve been trying to start my own pharmacy [for years], and never have I felt more optimistic than I have in the last six or seven months, thanks to BHG ”


  • Attained a smaller loan to consolidate debt and improve credit score
  • Provided Sabrina with flexible packages, not one-size-fits-all solutions
  • Helped put Sabrina in a position to succeed in future

With BHG’s assistance, Sabrina was able to attain a smaller consolidation loan which she could use to fix debt affecting her credit score. Now Sabrina feels confident that she will be able to open her own pharmacy.