Scott Jacobson


As a doctor and entrepreneur, financial and professional independence is important to Scott. And, though the challenge of medicine is enjoyable for him, the costs of independent practice – from continuing education to payroll – add up fast.


  • Running a private practice takes money and hard work
  • Present day and future costs are equally important to measure and plan
  • New billing software, a significant tax payment, and educational expenses showed up at once


  • Loans specifically meant for medical professionals
  • Lightning-fast response time from BHG
  • Loan secured and in Scott’s bank account in less than 4 days

“Thanks to my loan from BHG, I can continue to build my practice without a hitch in my step.”


  • Allowed Scott to consolidate existing debt and help build corporate credit
  • Practice has continued to expand and improve
  • Fast financing meant quick turnarounds on debt consolidation and future-proofing

The medical industry moves at light speed, and that means that practitioners need help to keep up. In many cases, the biggest hurdle is simply monetary, and that’s not something Scott would allow to stop him. With BHG’s help, the future of the practice is brighter and clearer than ever before