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Frequently Asked Questions

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When was Bankers Healthcare Group founded?
Al Crawford, Eric Castro and Robert Castro founded Bankers Healthcare Group in 2001.

How many people does Bankers Healthcare Group employ?
There are over 300 employees at Bankers Healthcare Group including sales, marketing, human resources, underwriting, accounting, legal, portfolio management, customer service and funding. View our office locations for more information. 

Who does Bankers Healthcare Group work with?
Bankers Healthcare Group works exclusively with healthcare professionals to provide them with financing such as business loans, credit cards and insurance.

How can Bankers Healthcare Group provide funding to me if I was recently turned down by my bank?
Bankers Healthcare Group reviews all funding requests and does not rely solely on a computer model to make credit decisions.

What makes Bankers Healthcare Group different from banks or other lenders?
Bankers Healthcare Group directly lends to healthcare professionals and provides funding in as few as three days.

What are the rates and terms for the financing Bankers Healthcare Group offers?
Rates range from 6.99% to 17.99%* and extended terms are offered for up to 10 years*.
*Subject to credit approval. Call for full program details.

Are there any fees associated with the loan application?
No. There are fees associated with our loans, which include closing fees and interest expense over the life of the loan. There are no pre-closing costs.

How do I know Bankers Healthcare Group is not a scam?
Bankers Healthcare Group has a number of affiliations, awards and accreditations. We're affiliated with third party review sites who publish actual customer feedback. We've been recognized nine times for Inc. 5000. And, we're preferred by 97% of healthcare professionals over a traditional lender according to a survey of BHG funded customers.

When I research Bankers Healthcare Group, I noticed there are positive and negative reviews. Are these reviews accurate?
Bankers Healthcare Group understands and realizes the exposure of positive and negative reviews. The statements made by competitors, brokers and other people are monitored closely and taken very seriously at Bankers Healthcare Group. Bankers Healthcare Group has an A+ BBB rating, we are among the top companies on the Inc. 500 list and we have over 600 reviews on Trustlink.    

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