“The process was every bit as quick and professional as advertised. I really appreciate the ease of the process. I heard about BHG on a Saturday, called to apply with BHG on the following Tuesday, and had money in my account by that Friday.”

Anthony D.

“I had a very positive experience with BHG. I appreciated how easy it was to complete the loan process. I appreciated communicating via texts and emails. It was the best experience I have ever had borrowing money. The staff was courteous and professional.”

Merilla S.

“BHG is the premier banking group for healthcare professionals! BHG is comprised of experienced, knowledgeable and professional staff who provide excellent customer service — that ultimately makes the loan process simple and easy!”

Bobby W.

“We had an amazing experience with BHG. The whole process was simple and fast. The team is very professional and talented. Thank you very much for your understanding and help!”

Olga S.

“I received advertisements for BHG and initially passed them off as junk mail. After seeing and receiving more I contacted BHG and was immediately contacted for information on my situation and what I would be interested in. I was quickly offered funding and after some negotiation received the funds within 3-4 business days with minimal time and effort on my part. Very easy and streamlined.”

Mario S.

“The representatives went above and beyond to streamline the process, make sure everything was done, and they got me the money incredibly fast. Best loan experience I have ever had. I would use them again in a heartbeat.”

Stephen K.

“After receiving multiple letters for BHG, I decided to reach out and get some additional information. It turned out to be the best customer service experience I have ever had. All my encounters with the different staff members were very professional and well-versed in their role.”

Gloria T.

The process was much faster than I thought. Even though the flyer’s I received and the reps told me it would be fast, i didn’t actually believe that i could be funded that quick. I am very impressed.

Juan S.

My BHG loan provided me with something that is priceless…peace of mind.

Carrie C.

BHG has a very thourough and efficient way of collecting documents and responding to questions in a timely manner. Everyone was friendly and knowledgeable during every phase of the process.

Sonya J.

“BHG went above and beyond my expectations. I was in need of a small loan to meet the needs of my practice and BHG offered a fast, easy and hassle-free loan experience. The staff is professional and knowledge guiding me through the entire loan process. I HIGHLY recommend BHG and look forward to doing future business with them.”

Tracey E.

BHG worked with me to understand my goals for obtaining a loan and proceeded to go above and beyond by tailoring their products to meet my needs. The best part is that it doesn’t show up on your credit report!

Marivic G.

The professionals at BHG made the experience so easy. They were so friendly and I never had to wonder about the next step. They followed through to make sure I had received notices and that the funds were sent. Best financing experience ever!

Kenneth O.

I had a great experience with BHG. The staff was professional and polite and very efficient. It took less than 4 business days from the time I made the first call until the money was in my account.

Neilsson R.

Very pleased with the entire process from start to funding. Great explanations and follow up from staff. Stream lined, Hassle free process.

Jeffery C.

Courteous, knowledgeable and helpful professionals made the entire loan process very quick and very easy.

Elizabeth G.

Good experience. The company is fair and offered me the right product. The process is seamless. Highly recommend it!

Binh D.