Bankers Healthcare Group Reviews

The current healthcare climate has enough challenges, financing doesn't need to be one of them. We work hard to ensure our products and processes effectively serve the financial needs of our customers. That means customer feedback and Bankers Healthcare Group reviews are vital to our success. Surveys are distributed by a third-party vendor to ensure the authenticity of our data. We're proud of the feedback we consistently receive. 

A very positive experience, great working with my schedule, which, as a pharmacist can be crazy and even unpredictable! Fast disbursement of funds, helping me meet me goals!

Terri H.

Good fast service with BHG. They make loan process simple and much less stressful than going through a regular bank. They are willing to work with you if something isn't working for you to make the loan what you need it to be. Good experience!

Brandy C.

The reps at BHG were extremely professional and helpful. The team worked together well to address my needs and process my loan quickly. I highly recommend them and their services. I am beyond pleased!

Canise B.

I felt the process was easy and confidential. They adjusted the terms to accommodate my specific situation. They answered questions in terms I could understand and did not appear to be frustrated about all my questions.

Melinda P.

Excellent people to work with who really make every effort to help you and go out of their way to make the process fast and simple.

Charles F.

It is a pleasure to have the ability to work with BHG. You company is an efficient machine.

Frank B.

The process was every bit as quick and professional as advertised. I really appreciate the ease of the process. I heard about BHG on a Saturday, called to apply with BHG on the following Tuesday, and had money in my account by that Friday.

Anthony D.

I had a very positive experience with BHG. I appreciated how easy it was to complete the loan process. I appreciated communicating via texts and emails. It was the best experience I have ever had with borrowing money. The staff were courteous and professional.

Merilla S.

Everyone at BHG was professional from the get-go. I was well informed through each step of the process. I will work with BHG again in the future as well as refer my colleagues.

Bryan K.

After receiving multiple letters for BHG, I decided to reached out to BHG and get some additional information. It turned out to be the best customer service experience I have ever had. All my encounters with the different staff was very professional and well-versed in their role.

Gloria T.

My experience with BHG was quick, easy and appropriate. I highly recommend this company for your financial needs.

Stephen K.

The loan process was quick and easy. I received my money very fast, a total of 48 hours after applying for the loan. I was happy with the identity verification also. With all the identity theft these days, it was reassuring.

Kristine W.

I love the fact that they tried to respect my calling times, since I work nights and sleep during the day. And the fact that its geared at medical professionals and they have good rates.

Sharon B.

Surprisingly easy process. Very friendly service, extremely thorough and professional. Very knowledgeable and made the process so efficient and easy.

Mariam S.

BHG is the premier banking group for healthcare professionals! BHG is comprised of experienced, knowledgeable and professional staff who provide excellent customer service - that ultimately makes the loan process simple and easy!

Bobby W.

The representatives went above and beyond to streamline the process, make sure everything was done, and they got me the money incredibly fast. Best loan experience i have ever had. I would use them again in a heartbeat.

Stephen K.

Loan process was made very simple. Senior loan analyst (j. todora) was especially thorough with regards to explaining the process as well as the loan particulars. Funding manager (Laquisa M) was also helpful in answering all questions thoroughly.

Lee T.

I received advertisements for BHG and initially passed them off as junk mail. After seeing and receiving more I contacted BHG and was immediately contacted for information on my situation and what I would be interested in. I was quickly offered funding and after some negotiation received the funds within 3-4 business days with minimal time and effort on my part. Very easy and streamlined.

Mario S.

I must say that when I heard about BHG and all they offered, I was not sure about applying for the loan I needed. I was afraid to make a mistake, but I decided to give a try and in fact they are very professional, fast and I obtained the loan and the money I needed in less than a week. I want to thank Paul for his help in this process.

Silvia S.

I had a great experience! It was fast and painless. Most importantly a loan truly tailored to my needs!

Clexida O.

A fine experience as compared to a local bank. All representatives knew their role and communication was first rate.

David R.

We had an amazing experience with BHG. The whole process was simple and fast. The team is very professional and talented. Thank you very much for your understanding and help!

Olga S.

Painless process handled by very understanding, knowledegable and compassionate people!

Annette C.

Very easy, streamlined process. Good customer support.

Bryan R.

Very impressed dealing with BHG.

Pratap P.

Quick, efficient, professional and competitive rates.

Milad P.